Logifeel Cream

Logifeel Cream

Product Description

                                                 LOGIFEEL Cream


Glycolic acid


Cetylated fatty esters   


Logifeel is a comprehensive foot care therapy. Glycolic acid in Logifeel helps to improve the texture and appearance of dry and cracked feet. Urea in Logifeel softens the hyperkeratotic areas and rehydrates the skin. Cetylated fatty ester improves the elasticity and moisture content in dry feet.



 Glycolic acid:

Glycolic acid penetrates into the skin and decreases corneocytes cohesion and hence inducing exfoliation of the epidermis.

Glycolic acid reduces the Ca ions concentration in the epidermis and removes Ca ions from the cell adhesion by chelation process. When these Ca ions are decreased, the cellular adhesion disrupted and exfoliation takes place.


Urea is strong hygroscopic in nature.

Urea penetrates deeply into the stratum corneum and retain water molecule because of its osmotic properties

Cetylated fatty esters:

These are naturally occurring form of fatty acids, which have been esterified to leave them stable in the presence of oxygen.

 One of the primary effects of the cetylated fatty acids on cellular health that they help to maintain elasticity and water content in the cell.

In addition the cetylated form of fatty acid seems to be very effective in controlling certain inflammatory processes in the body.


·         Cracked feet

·         Fissures

·         Xerosis-Foot

·         Dry elbow & knees

·         Corns & Calluses



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