Cutivera Lotion

Cutivera Lotion

Product Description


Calamine 8%, Aloe Vera gel 2%, Light liquid paraffin 10%.



Cutiverais a perfect combination of Calamine, Aloe-Vera & Light liquid paraffin for providing soothing relief in Mild Pruritic Skin Conditions.


Mechanism of Action:

Calamine is an astringent made from zinc carbonate or zinc oxide, usually used in lotion form to treat skin problems that cause itching or discomfort. It mitigates irritants associated with contact dermatitis. Soothes & protects the skin when irritated by mild itching. Provides mild anti-septic action and helps in blending the blemishes with skin.

Aloe-Vera provides versatile skin care properties, drug penetration enhancer & helps for soothing skin.

Light liquid paraffin provides emollient to prevent dryness of the skin.



Sunburn, rashes, poisons Ivy, chicken pox, insect bites & stings, acne and prickly heat.


Usage & Application:

Wash and completely dry the affected area before applying the lotion. Shake lotion well before use. Apply this medication to the affected area of skin, generally three to four times daily or as directed by your physician. This medicine is for external use only. Notify your doctor if your condition does not improve in 7 days.


Side Effects:

Very unlikely but report promptly, irritation. If you notice other effects not listed above, contact your doctor.


Storage Condition:

Store below 250 C (77CF) & to protect from light.


Pack:  50ml pet bottle

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